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Business Process Management (BPM) is the automation and coordination of the countless assets and tasks that make up your business processes. These assets and tasks can be internal or external to organizations. Effective BPM requires the coordination of people and information technology assets both inside your business and in your network of customers and partners.

By its very nature, BPM can be applied to all business processes regardless of function, department, organization or industry. However, experience shows that organizations that are successful in exploiting BPM technology start by solving a specific business process problem with a clear, short term ROI.

Broken processes, inefficient processes, and manual processes are often the causes of poor customer service and overall business performance. Superior business execution depends on addressing these process problems. BPM coordinates all aspects of a process, ensuring that it is executed quickly, accurately and efficiently. It manages this execution in a manner that can be tracked (e.g. audited for compliance) and analyzed, so the process can be improved and companies can achieve continuous process improvement.

BPM can deliver real value to organizations. The value of BPM spans both the business side and the IT side. BPM enables organizations to take a process-centric approach to running their business, and the results are tangible.

VUCOM, with it highly qualified and trained team of experts can provide Analysis of your existing processes. Our partnership with FileNET gives us a different perspective on how business processes can be automated, monitored, analyzed and improved.

Employing the right skills is critical to the success of any BPM project.

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